how do you delete a hard drive completely so that no data can be obtained?
ive heard of drilling holes in them, then starting it it true and is there any other way to do it

That was a good one! you can try drilling holes if that works for you! Else if you really need some solution then use the format utility and over write it with some other data.

Download active kill disk it will delete all data and wont have a chance of rocovering them again.

yes, but it will still leave the slightest magnetic image on the hdd wihich is still recoverable by professionals!!

This utilisy is in kernel or dos mode and it will clear everything that you think you want to get rid of. Have u tried it

??? wtf y would you drill holes in a harddrive unless your stupid.

unless you never want to use it again

y dont you just format the hard disk in the BIOS
by pressing either 'esape, f10, f9, f11, f12, delete or f1,2,3,4,5' during startup
it only takes bout half an hour?

i reccomend you dont drill holes in your harddrive!! lol

ramjo is right.. Try "Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser" utility. Add some protection, put a password on it. But be careful..... always remember your password...

lets say the north koreans is about to have posession of my top secret bank account passwords stored on my hard disk how fast does it take to delete all data in a 80gb hard drive?
any one tried it before?

I agree with you... I got some ideas from you. I will try somewhat drilling holes on it someday.

You referenced drilling, so you are not going to use the hdd again. This is what I have distilled from a month or so of reading on the web. Remove the hdd. Rub the "top" and locate two bolts under tape/label and expose them. Remove maybe six bolts from the perimeter and the two located under tape/label (probably #8 torx). Turn the hdd over and continue removing things. The two "hidden" bolts may unscrew or may need driving out of the cast aluminum case. Do it. Lift off the "top" and inside you will find a stack of platters on a spindle - keep unbolting things until you can lift the platters off the spindle. You are almost there. Take the platters one at a time and bend each one double. Now, straighten it out and fold it the other way to double. Straighten it out again. Rotate it 90 degrees and fold it double, flatten it out, bend it the other way, "flatten" it out. That ruins one platter, guaranteed. Do that to the other platters. The platters were indexed to the spindle originally. First plus, now they are not and they won't fit back on it. Plus the data is sitting on maybe a million radial cracks and can't make sense. Plus we don't know which platter was on top or (plus) which sides were up to start with. Send one in and see what the lab comes back with. Put the others in the garbage at weekly intervals. Easy.

I have had that problem before i have had mu house raded all i did is throw my pc out of the window and they had nothing on me


Sorry, I thought that dorizuki wanted to destructively delete the data from hdd. Here's an even quicker way. Destructive Data Removal from Hard Disk Drive (hdd)

Those attempting to extract or reconstruct usable data know that physically damaged areas cannot store data. Remove the hdd and obtain a Torx or Phillips that fits the visible “top” bolt heads. Rub the "top" to locate two bolts under tape dots and expose their heads. Remove 5 to 8 bolts from the perimeter and under tape dots. Pry the corner notches with a flat blade screwdriver, lift off the "top" and inside, find a silver platter (or stack) on a spindle and the arm (read-write head). Unscrew the arm retainer bolt from its shaft and drag the arm off the platter. Unscrew the 4 to 8 bolts from the platter cap; lift the cap, spacer, and platter from the spindle. Bend the platter double. “Flatten” it out and fold it the other way double. “Flatten” it out, rotate it 90 degrees and fold it double, “flatten” it out, bend it the other way double, and "flatten" it out. You just “erased” a platter, guaranteed. The platter was placed on the spindle, and then digitally indexed originally. Now it won't fit the spindle and is not indexed. What was hdd data is disconnected by radial cracks, contorted, and deranged. Plus, we don't know which side was facing up to start with (no index). Mail the platter in and see what the lab sends back. Erase any other platters and put them in the garbage at weekly intervals. Rest easily, there is no data. Damaged areas cannot store data.

i have had mu house raded all i did is throw my pc out of the window and they had nothing on me

? for real? i dont believe it, sounds to me like you are BSing.

P.S most companies that care about security destroy thier drives using hammers or a furnace

I don't think dorizuki is a company. To confirm, this works very well. Try it on any hdd and see.

My hard disk died about a month(after about 3 months during which it accumulated more and more bad sectors) and i opened it up and was scocked to see that the platters were glass and that the magnetic coating on them (and my data!) had rubbed off leaving a fine dust.

Goddam crappy IBM drive (DO NOT use the IBM Deskstar 75GXP!!!!!!!!!!)

EDIT: rofl this guy had the same problem:

the fastest way to wipe/destroy a HDD is by magnetic field. the best way to wipe a HDD is to do a military wipe trend micro has a utility then can wipe the hdd and write zero's and ones to it

The two most common ways to delete a hard drive is by formatting or wiping the drive.

really? who would have thought it...
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