Upon leaving my computer idle for a period of time, I come back to open something and it says my paging file is too small or something to that effect. Sometimes I can get things to open but they close them selves after a few second. This happened after uber virus destroying. Any ideas on a fix?

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Did you get rid of the virus? What did you use to get rid of it?

Please provide us with the exact error message.


As far as I can tell the virus it gone. I ran vundofix, combo box and hosts. This is what message i'm getting: The paxing file is too mall for this operation to complete.
Also sometimes if I have msn messenger running, one will come up as a c++ error and that something happened in an unusual way and needs to close. I don't have the exact wording as I haven gotten that in a bit.


How much RAM do you have, and how much virtual memory do you have? Your virtual memory should be about 1.5 times your amount of RAM.

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I also get this:

Microsoft visual C++ runtime library

Runtime error!

Program: explorer.exe (or whatever im trying to run)

This program has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more info.

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