I have been trying to install a WD500AKSS 500 gb drive to no success. My system is XP Pro on a SuperMicro X6DAL-XTG mobo. Can't get info from any manfacturers. My mobo manual states the following: ...for drive capacities over 137 gb your system must be equipped with 48-bit LBA mode addressing. If not, install an ATA/133IDE controller card that supports 48-bit LBA mode. This drive is a SATA II drive and my mobo I believe was manufatured before SATA II's were available. I have jumpered it to act as SATA I and I have been able to format the disk. But the system refuses to recognize the drive after a few uses - and I received record/retrieve errors when trying. Is there a SATA card I can install to run this drive? I'd like to run it as a SATA II drive. Any help or card suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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Normally the SATA ports in in the motherboard!
Are you sure that you are connecting the correct drive cable to and from the HDD?
There may be an expansion card that fits into a PCI slot that has SATA ports, though i am not aware of one.


or they are put in PCs which had only IDE to give them SATA capabilities

Maybe you need to flash your BIOS? I did that in my dads PC and then it was able to see over 137 gig

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