Hi, recently my gateway 420gr,p4, 2.93 ghz, 150 gb sata has been acting wierd.

It started when norotn antivirus kept giving telling me i have Hacktool.Rootkit virus and that slowed down my computer and also frequently crashed it. When it crashed i would get this message

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:


So i tried to repair windows by using my windows restore dvd. Then norton ghost would run but i would get "output A://Ghosster.txt" error (somethign like that) which would always come everytime i would try to repair using the cd and my repair would be incomplete.

Now I can't access my computer at all because after the Gateway splash screen all i get is the

"Reboot or select proper boot device
or insert boot media".

I insert the cd and i still get the message. I can't access anything on my computer, can't go into setup or anything. Please if someone has a solution or knows what the problem is, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, RamLover

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Enter the bios setup and change the boot order to CD ROM Drive first then hard drive.

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