Please help I have an nidea geforce 7600GT and it has been fine for about 6months now it is not displaying red for some reason its nnot a problem with the monitor a red still dsplays on the menu screen on the monitor has ny graphics card had its day or could it be a problem with the cable ?
occaisionaly red comes back but then goes off again
please please help

Its a problem with the cable. It means theres a broken connection inside it - try wiggling the cable around a bit

tried wiggling the cable but no joy, will try a new cable tommorow
cheers keith

not all monitors let you replace the cable in which case you need a new monitor :(

the problem was with the graphics card boo hoo:'(

sure? thats wierd ive never seen that before...

dit it overheat?

Not sure what has happened. Tried new cable and no joy so I put my old gforce 6200 turbocache back in and all colours ok.
I bought the 7600gt from ebay from a hong kong trader who is no longer an ebay member. Wouldnt advise anyone do do that I will go to a shop in future.