I have just bought a Dell OptiPlex GX400 mobo. My problem is that I only have a midi tower case to put it in, ex eMachines T1840. The mobo has two fittings on the under side, obviously for sliding onto a bracket in the original case. Any suggestions about mounting this mobo without resorting to removing the mounting brackets with brute force.

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Dell motherboards are a custom size. They also require a proprietary dell PSU and front panel.

Dell motherboards and PSUs will NOT fit in a pc other than the one they were designed for

If you manage to get it to fit somehow, connecting it to your standard PSU and on/off switches will fry it.


I have the PSU etc, came with the mobo. Just the fitting is a problem, thanks


Thanks for the help. I have now bought the empty case that fits the mobo. Most helpful.

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