On my keyboard the f5 and 6 keys are tapped constantly at ridiculous speed. The buttons are not physically stuck. The problem is that this is a laptop, so this makes my computer pretty much unusable (any text box fills up immediately with sixes and windows constantly refresh). I've found a program "INTES keychange" or something that disables keys, but this only works for Windows and Firefox etc, not for games (maybe because they are running in DOS? I don't know). The problem gets worse when the laptop heats up (or so it seems). I know this is because I accidentally spilled water on my keyboard like two months ago, but only the f5 key was broken until like yesterday, when six started acting up. Is there some sort of way I can either A.) Physically fix the problem short of getting a new laptop or B.) Disable keys (through windows?) in a more permanent or more effective way? I realize I should just plug in a keyboard but that would kinda suck as I need this laptop for taking notes in lecture etc.

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Probably the simplest thing to do is pull the key off and see what is making it keep continuous contact.&nbsp; Usually it's pretty easy to see if there's something broken or foreign material not allowing to travel freely.&nbsp; Most often I've found a simple cleaning solves the problem<br>



If you get any liquid in a laptop keyboard then you will almost certainly need to change keyboard. Most are quite easy to change, being clipped in and then connected to laptop by a ribbon cable.


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