Experience comes with poor judgement! Good judgement comes after bad experiences. I've taken my pc in for repair and upgrading. As someone who just want to enjoy my pc, and be able to control it, I was shocked by this bussiness who robs people like me, like hardware, to use it for bussiness' pc's. My DDR 512 Ram was stolen, and why I say that is after receiving it back, I had all sort of "free" stuff on my pc, less my RAM. This person made me believe that he was helping me and installed Windows XP Pro on my pc, and now he screams at me and gets upset when I complain? My complain, whenever I want to update or upgrade from the Windows site, I get a message that my Windows XP Pro is invalid! He installed a graphics card on my system which I had to have removed by an honest company, who then advised me that my OS is illegal, but, when I need further assistance in any regard, I have to bring my original CD, which I still have. Why we removed the card was that the motherboard didn't registered it. He installed an OCER CLOCK and when I asked him about what it exactly does, he said I musn't worry about that. Well, news for this person, I like to know these things! I still do not have a clue what this "Biostar VGA Ocer Clock" is about! I had to buy a new DDR 512 Ram. This company made me pay for stealing my stuff. Point being, educate oneself with your hardware. I paid an expensive lesson, but, learned from the experience. This site is one of the sites where I will educate myself with questions. Thank you for your site! Question one: what is an Biostar VGA Ocer Clock

Do you mean over clock, it sounds like this person is telling you that they over clocked the VGA.

Biostar makes motherboards, so this is probably the manufacturer of your motherboard.

The VGA is your video graphics array.

Caveat emptor.

where did you take it for repair lol