Last night my computer was working fine, and I shut it down properly. The next morning I hit the power button and get no response.

So after checking connections and all the simple stuff, I open the computer up. I removed the powersupply, and tested it by only pluggin it into the fans. It works.

So what other possibilities are there, and how do I know if say, my motherboard is fried?

If you need more information to solve this problem let me know. I'd really appreciate any advice right now.

well ive had a similar problem see thread( from what ive been advised.. swap testing all the components is the best way.. i.e taking something out trying it until you can narrow it down to one particular piece of hardware or you ahve stripped it down to the barebones (motherboard ram cpu psu). Have a read of my thred tho see if theres anything of interest in there..


Ok got it working by installing a new powersupply (550v).
However, when I boot the computer I get one long beep, that repeats every 3-4 seconds. Blank screen, and trying to shut off the computer using the power button only reboots it, so I have to hit the power switch on the side of the comp to shut it off.

any ideas?

I think your motherboard is about to fail. To confirm this, test all essential components in another computer.