Ok so I was running CS1.6 last night and all of a sudden there was this burning smell and a spark sound and my 5 year old computer crashed. Now at startup itturns on but doesn't do anything. It used to beep once, it now doesn't, and it doesn't turn my monitor on neither.

I thought it might be my gfx card but I took it out and it didn't smell or anything. I can't see any noticble damage so I don't know what the problem could be . Although i know it's not my hdd as i took it to a friends place to get some files off it.

It's too old to be worth paying someone to repair it so i'm planning on building a new one but i would like this one to work in the meantime for uni. Also excuse the grammar/spelling i'm posting on my wii.

Any ideas?

It might be your power supply. A burnt power supply may also damage your motherboard. I hope not..

Do you get external video with the unit? Hook it up to a desktop monitor and switch video modes. If you dont get any video there. I would reseat memory and CPU. Still nothing, then I would suspect mobo.

Well I've just taken it apart and everything seems fine except the power supply has that smoky smell so i think i found the problem . I think I'll still go ahead and build a new one rather than buying another new psu, the fourth for this pc.

I'll try my new psu in it tommorow.

Thanks guys.

Triple post... why no edit?

I putter in a new psu and it does the same thing so it's not the problem.

No ideas?

probably the psu took out the motherboard when it died happens a lot