Hi, this is probably a dumb question, but I have two systems and limited desk space, so I thought I'd get a KVM switch. I have a Logitech G7 wireless mouse and a generic USB keyboard that I've grown used to, and I've read a lot about the poor video resolution you can get through KVMs, so I was wondering if there's anything stopping me from using a KVM switch for just the K and M, and also whether there was such a switch that worked well with the G7 mouse (I've heard that many do not like wireless mice)? I'm looking for something with a key-press switch (tap a key twice and you're using the other system).

If I've heard wrong, and there's a switch that can handle an analog screen resolution of 1600x900 with the G7, that would save me even more desk space. Any pointers or product recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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There is no reason why a KVM switch should give you poor video quality, just don't buy cheap tat. www.adder.com will sell you a switch that will have no detrimental effect on your video performance. Are they the cheapest KVM switches ... no, but then you have already said why you don't like heap switches.

To answer your main question, there is nothing about a KVM switch that means you have to use the video anyway, just plug in the keybaord and mouse connections and all will work fine.


After some research, I have decided to definitely not use video sharing. I can't seem to find a product that states categorically that it will support the G7 mouse (I see quite a few comments on various products that do not support wireless mice at all, however).

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