Alright guys... I'm not a complete moron when it comes to computer hardware, but I feel like one now. I recently bought parts to build my new computer:

Mach Speed Motherboard MSNV-939
Athlon 3200 CPU
GEforce 6200 256 mb PCI-Express Video Card
SATA 160 GB Hard Drive
400 Watt Power Supply
1 GB PC 3200 Ram

I connected everything and power up seems fine... Fans are working, CPU is running, Hard Drive and CD-Rom are also running. The problem is I have no signal to my monitor. I'm obviously thinking video card, but for some reason one time I booted up it worked and I got a signal, with my bios popping up. Ever since then I can't get a signal back.

Not sure what the problem is... I see a little 2-slot connector on my video card but not sure what it is for.. could this be the problem? I saw no wire or area this could be connected to. Any help would be appreciated. I am lost. Thanks guys.

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I had the same problem when i built my Pc, it turned out to be the Ram wasnt compatible with my Mobo!

read your mobo's compatible ram configs. Hope you come right, i know how anxious i was to get mine up & running!

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make sure that you have a power cable connected to your video card. That is the average problem when people run into something like this.

Note I have a Mach Speed Mother Board every thing boot up but there no monitor. I check the ram and it's compatible. What could be the problem. Note I had the same problem when I installed the ASROCK motherboard. The Chieftec tower wiring labels are different than the motherboard.

If the wiring labels on the case are different than the motherboard you will have to pull the wires out of their connectors and reset them so they are right. Sometimes the computer will turn on if one wire for the power button is on a power button connector and one is on a reset connector. As for you video card make sure its seated down on the slot really tight (no brass/gold pins showing) and if your slot has a lock make sure its down.

try use RAM on other RAM slot and reseat the CPU.
Check the monitor VGA cable connection as well.
If possible, use the monitor on other working PC and see if the monitor is ok.

Hope this helps!
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