I just recently had a prblem with my computer shuting off all the time. sometime like now I get lucky and it says on for a few hours other times it shuts off 5 secs after starting it. I seems to shut down alot while playing games. I thought at first it may be my cpu fan because I know my fan was not strong enough for my cpu but I never had a problem with it tell now so I had just left it on. I just bought a new fan that can support 3.8 ghz. It is still doing the shutdown and it seems worse then before. I think it has something to do with my computer case although I cant think of what. I know it cant be over heating because it shuts down 5 secs after start up but sometime it can be on for days and have no problem, and my grapic card (XFX geforce 7950 gt) I never had a problem with and even if it was over heating wouldnt it just give me artifact and freeze my computer and maybe BSOD? Anyways I think it has something to do with my case or something because if I start my computer and smack my case it will shut off evertime. The mother board is properly on the case acording to the book. I dont see how or what could be going on here. Like I said before this just recently started about a weak ago. It has always done this but like maybe 1 time a month now its like 100 times a day.

I run windows XP
3.4 duel core proscessor
geforce 7950gt
1g ddr2 ram
2 hdd
ASUS mother board
cd/dvd player and a dvd player roms

and thats about my whole computer.

oh ya and one more thing my power supply is650w power supply and the specs are more then capible of running my grapic card with alot extra power.

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Like dose it shutdown or just turn off? because if it is turning off there could be a lose connection somewhere within the computer with would make since on why when you smack the cause it turns off. I would sugest taking it apart and checking all the connections.
Also you could have a short somewhere and you may just want to get some new wireing for the computer or a power box.

Try these and check the connections because like you said "When youu smack the case it shuts off" so check those two out and let us know if it helps

Let me know


If you have a spare power supply, try that also in your system. Check again your cpu fan especially the clips that hold the fan, maybe loose. A short between motherboard and the casing may also affect the system shutting down.


I havent had the time to take the whole computer apart yet but I know its not the cotherboard touching the case for sure. Its bolted on there good and in all the correct spots. I do have a extra power supply but its not strong enough to run my graphic card so thats out of the question. Right now I have it postioned perfect so it dosent turn off for the most part atleast. I think it has to be a short because like right now I can have my computer on all day and night for several days but if I just so happen to jump my case smack it or something it will shut off. So in that case I dont think it can be the power supply going bad or anything has to be a short but how do I find a short? If all the wires seem good I dont know where to go from there.


What I mean is sometimes loose connection is difficult to locate. It may happen in all devices found inside the case especially when you smack it.

So, it can be in inside the power supply unit, switches, loose sockets, cables and ribbons, clips, and screws. So, you must check these all.

See to it all connections are tight especially the connection from the power supply to the motherboard, hard disk devices, and vga card.

To prevent a short connection between motherboard and the casing. Be sure there are provided with rubber washers or anything that are non-conductive materials.


I finaly had some time to realy look at my computer and found the problem. The power wire that plugs in from computer case to mother board is messed up. The slightest movement of that wire makes it loose its connection to the mother boars which mean the computer shuts off. My case is a couple years old anyways I bought a new case and boom problem gone.


Since TechTJ is offline, thank you for letting us know the result that your problem is now solved.

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