I shutdown my laptop successfully last night, and today when I started, it display a message about the heat and asked me whether I want to continue. I immediately turned if off and opend it up to see if perhaps dust had acumiliated in the fan area. I didn't see major dust but I cleaned it a little anyway. After putting everything back together, when I start it, the system's light goes on, the fan starts but stops after about 10-15 seconds and there is nothing on the screen either. I checked out all connections to see if I missed something while putting things back - and I didn't see anything.

Please help.


To what extent did you disassemble the laptop... did you have the memory out and all that? or did you just have the case opened.

Yes, I took the memory sim out while I was trying to figure out how to get to the fan (which later I found out through the keyboard is the way), but I placed back the memory and it seems to be sitting correctly.

If its turning off it sounds like a problem with the CPU cooling. Make sure to check the Fan seating I get this problem alot so make sure its pushed in correctly otherwise the CPU will keep overheating of course :) hope this helps

If the fan is not sitting correctly, it shouldn't start...right? ...but it does for very short time and it goes off and stays off while the system LCD stays on.

Oh.. if the fan isnt seated correctly it will start but the CPU generates too much heat and automatically shuts the PC down to try and prevent damage.

What I meant was that the fan starts for about few seconds and then stops while the system light is on still.