I have a Dell latitude cpx laptop. This just started. I push the on button it lights up like it is going to boot but then shuts down. Sometimes when I leave it for two or three days and try it it will boot up, and not give me problems for a while. Does anyone have any idea what might cause this. Someone suggested the mother board. I am currently looking for a mother board. Any help would be greatly apperciated.

Thank you Chi.

Are you able to hear the hard-drive?

Are you able to hear the hard-drive?

No it dosent stay on long enough. The light goes on for maybe a second or 2 then shuts down. Thank you for your reply

You might need to replace your CMOS battery.

It's a very bad idea to go looking for a motherboard when you haven't even determined that that's the problem. Usually you try to go through a testing checklist including memory, battery, hard drive, etc. If you don't have the technical ability to do that yourself, bring your computer to someone who does. Don't waste your money when you don't have to.

IT does not matter what OS you are using. I'm going to give you a q/a for yourself to answer.
Does it turn on? If so that's a good thing. Can you bring up the bios? If so then good. Does it make it all the way to the OS boot then fail? If this is the case then you probably need a new HDD. When the operating system wont boot up it can mean several things. It could need replaced, or maybe you need to insert the OS disk and run a reinstall/repair. If you reinstall you will lose any personal data, if you repair you wont. If the HDD is bad then you've already lost that info and are looking at buying a new HDD and installing the OS again anyway.

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No, NO, NO to all your questios. I push the on button it lights up for a few seconds and shuts down. Thank you for your reply.

try this: take battery out, plug in power, press on switch. boot? very good probability power transformer has retired. get it checked.

Unless the problem is with the battery in which case you can get it replaced; it is better to take your laptop to a repair shop.Laptops are really sensitive machines and it would be better if only professionals opened them up for repair.

Have you tried to rule out possible bad ram sticks? Depending on how much RAM you have installed, you could have one or two sticks. Try removing one (if you have two) and vice versa, each time trying to turn it on. RAM chips are VERY VERY sensitive, as well as the motherboard and RAM sockets. Remove the battery and power adapter before attempting to do any work on your machine.

Also, when you say lights come on, do any of them flash in any specific pattern? Let me know.