gateway laptop will not boot up in windows or the bios. the monitor is just black. i hear a fan on. gateway laptop model 450SX4. i tried changing the memory and reset the hard drive.

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This could be any hardware problem. Can you be more specific?
Did you drop is or damage it in some way prior to this happeing or have you upgraded any other hardware?
What do you mean by resetting the hard drive? Did you format it and reinstall you OS?

i did'nt drop it or anything turned it off the next day wont work. i just pulled the hard drive out and hooked it back up. that what i mean by resetting.

Just pulling the hard drive out and putting it back in won't do anything at all.
Have you got any back up or repair disks? I would try those first.

I have never dropped my computer, but all of sudden, it just want boot up so i want to reset my computer

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