hi. im goin to this new skool and they require that u hav this laptop: lenovo x61 tablet, here's some details: http://www.tabletpcreview.com/default.asp?newsID=868 cos it has a really crap video card and i like my gaming would it be hard to upgrade to something decent like nvidia 7800 (id go for 8800 but cant afford it) and would it be compatible?

you cant upgrade the video card in laptops. Laptops suck for games

If u want a gaming laptop, alien-ware would be your best bet. They have high powered gfx cards pre-installed. But they as bennet said, non changeable.

well, generally

there are a few cases when you can change it

but still, laptops nearly always suck for games

alienware = dell now i think though, but i may be wrong

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