Exactly, un-clip, remove, place and push in the new RAM. It's as easy as 1-2-3, and 4 :P
Easiest upgrade there is.

Yea i figured as much. I'd seen him do it so many times...thank you guys again, for all your help!

make sure to unplug power cord and hold power button in for about 20 seconds to discharge all power from board first ,

Well, I learned the hard way, it's not an AGP. :\

Ouch, guess you had PCI-E all along.

PCI-E = black
PCI = white
AGP = brown


Well PCI-E is faster I think.


GAH! I'm pulling my hair out at this point. It IS an AGP afterall, but there (according to wiki) are two types of AGP slots. A 1.5 volt and 3.3 volt. I had a friend look at my mother board today (Intel D865PERL) and he says he thinks my slot is the 1.5 volt and that the card that I got is a 3.3...he thinks the card I need may be hard to find, but I'm nothing if not persistant.

i showed you this info before ,but its your motherboard and the info is clear ,
AGP 3.0 (4X & 8X Speed at 1.5 and 0.8 Volt Only)
my ? to you is what is wrong with the video card you have now !!

also this in the pdf file i downloaded from intel site ,
The AGP connector is keyed for 1.5 V and 0.8 V AGP cards only. Do not attempt to install a legacy3.3 V AGP card. The AGP connector is not mechanically compatible with legacy 3.3 V AGP cards.

i showed you this info before ...

Eh. I missed it. No big deal, really. I didn't understand that there were two choices in voltage. Lesson learned.

Eh. I missed it. No big deal, really.

never said there was !

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