Yesterday I tried to upgrade my pc a bit. It is a PII 33mhz with 64mb ram. It had obtained a 10 gig HDD and popped it in as well as a 64 mb stick of ram which i put next to 2 32 mb sticks. I realized that this would not work so i took it out. two boots later while i was trying to get an xp install going i needed to reboot and on my reboot nothing happened. It will come up with nothing i have no display, it wont attempt to boot the floppy is not acessed. I get nothing i have reseated and moved the ram and cpu changed hdds swiched cables all that good stuff and nothing works Help me!

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Pentium II with 33 MHz? You have an error in your post?

Aside from the error in the post, your main problem is going to be getting XP to run on 64MB of RAM. It will move like a snail with the minimum recommended 256MB of RAM.

If you put a hdd in this machine that was used in another you may have messed up the registry.

It would help a great deal if you could include the make and model of your computer when you post your problems.

If I got it right, you started to install the XP, but when it rebooted (after copying the files), nothing happened, right? Try disabling advanced power management in your BIOS. That is common problem with all windows up to XP. (dunno 'bout vista)

BTW, you should stick to the w98. It is more appropriate for your machine.

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