I have been having this problem and been searching all day on the net for solution, to no avail. Tried a few of the methods that were mentioned by others. While it may work for others, the same trick doesn't seem to work for me.

Whenever I click on C or D drive in My Computer, it does not show in the same window. Instead it will show up in another window. My computer is running on XP. The setting in the options are set to the following: Folder Options > General > Open each folder in the same window. This was working all along till today. All other folders in My Computer such as Shared Documents and Admistrator's Document are opening in their own window as usual.

Could someone please provide me with answers if you did faced this problem before and how you managed to resolved the issue? Thanks in advance!

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Hi silverbomb, and welcome to Daniweb.:-)

Now about your problem, are you saying that you've gone to Tools > Folder Options > 'General' tab > Open each folder in its own window, clicked Apply, then OK and nothing changes?

How about doing something as simple as a System Restore to maybe yesterday, if it was all working fine till today? Maybe a system file got changed/corrupted inadvertently and if that is the case, System Restore can take you back to when everything was good.


Haha i think i sorted the problem. Apparently, it was hit by a malware or trojan and the registry was disrupted. Fixed the problems using anti virus and became another problem. This time round whenever I double click on the drives, it would prompt a "Open with" window to choose a program to open the drives.

Somehow, I found a website to download a .exe file called flash disinfector and run it. After running it, it works wonders!! Now everything on my computer is running normally.

Although I managed to resolve it, a little thanks to Thinka for that little piece of advice.


Cheers silver. Interesting effect of some malware, but at all good in the end. It's gd to know that for every trojan developed, there's an 'exe' somewhere that can neutralise its effects.

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