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hi. It's an old virus, and it usually invades your computer to make you pay money. As you pay, your credit card information is being stolen, and it is later used to steal the money from it. However, even after you pay, the virus does not get deleted from the computer. Here I have written a short instruction on how to delete it (although I still think it may not work for all the versions of the virus):

1. HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon - replace Shell via explorer.exe
2. kill alert.exe process
3. remove $APPDATA\Primary

it's far more complicated to restore the files. Not all of them can be restored. I tried programs <snip> and <snip>, but the one that works the best is <snip>. It helped me with e-mail files and photos that other programs failed to restore

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The steps given above are the least of your worries. NONE of those steps will remove this infection and that is the very first order of business that must be undertaken. File recovery at this point is useless, removal is #1.
To begin this process follow the instructions in our Read Me First sticky and post back here with all the requested logs.


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Oh I don't think we need to worry, I believe questionmy's computer is still working well enough to post this identical question at three more forums several days after posting here along with his "imaginary friends" identical response and they also remain at seven other forums too. All but two have removed the "imaginary" or "extended" unapproved links given in the response as we have done here. So we don't need to be concerned.

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