Hi Guys,
I hope I am posting this in the correct place?
I have a Acer 8935g with Windows 7 installed on it, and for the last month and a half the touchpad driver keeps disapearing - I reinstall it, and it works until I put the machine into hybernate and then its gone again and the touchpad obviously doesnt work again.

Any Ideas???

Thanks in advance.

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actually this use to happen on my laptop win7 , iremember going into device manager and getting it to chen the internet for drivers and it found and updated the driver and it keept working after that ,wish laptop did but it died later on

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Yes, even after a reboot it doesnt come back. I have to uninstall the driver, plus the synaptics software, and then it works again until it goes into hybernate or is power cycled.

Whilst its not working if I go into device manager and click on 'mice and pointing devices' the driver is not there. If I click on view and then click on show hidden devices it comes up with a yellow warning next to it - which if I look into it says "This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)".

The laptop came with vista, but with a Windows 7 update disk. I have installed all the drivers from the Acer support site (I know these are not always the latest drivers) But I just dont know where to start again from as I have pretty much updated every driver on the machine ince chipset Bios, and Acer software.

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