When I start Windows Vista on my Toshiba Laptop, everything's fine at the first, but when I reach the "Please Wait" screen, the thing stops loading though the animation of the loading circle thing still goes. I have waited for hours and then the "Please Wait" thing disappears, leaving only the green and blue Background and the "Windows Vista" in the bottom.
I have Ubuntu installed in Multiboot, and that runs fine.
Safe mode is ok.
I am using Toshiba Satellite U405-S2856.

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This seems like a pirated copy of Windows vista is installed on your computer or some installation files are missing or corrupted. You need to re install a fresh copy of Windows on your system. In fact I’ll advice you to upgrade to Windows 7.

Thanks for helping. I have solved the problem.

The thing is, I changed the name of my computer and didn't shut down correctly. I solved the problem by changing the computer's name back in safe mode.

Thanks for helping!

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