Hi, after a while of searches I have decided to ask the community for help.

This post is the closest to mine, however it's been inactive for a while.

Here is what I did prior to the problem. (I've had my computer for a very long time, so new hardware is not the cause of the problem). I will post comp specs if needed. Currently running Windows Vista 32bit.

I noticed my boot up was becoming quite slow so I went into msconfig to change number of processors as well as to set maximum memory. (In the general tab, selective startup is checked). After clicking apply, it says something of not being able to change as there isn't enough system resources or something like that. I then opened cmd.exe and ran both sfc /verifyonly (detected some problems) and /scannow (unable to fix the problems) it asked for a restart but I did not restart. I later installed cineform studio from the gopro website. Upon turning on the computer the next day, it would just bluescreen right when the green Windows Vista load bar comes on.

In my attempt to fix this problem. I have tried booting it up in every mode provided - safemode, last known, normal, etc. All resulting in a BSOD. I have tried booting up with the Vista CD to try and repair automatically, does not work. As well as system restore, which also doesn't work - unable to load a previous date (says something about being limited so unable to redo changes). I have tried going into command prompt and have done the following: bootrec /fixboot, /fixmbr.

Here is the BSOD error:
stop: 0x0000007b (0x80799BB0, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


without more technical kit available I would begin to suspect the hard disk, either electrically or problems on the surface in the vicinity of the MBR, but for that you either need to try to boot from a USB or linux bootable CD to be able to look directly at the hard disk. If it is the HD a reformat might help

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