The November election brings with it the promise of changes, new beginnings, and hope for those who've endured the past 8 years with less than an enthusiastic attitude. The choice of President and Vice President means far less to most of us than the people they choose for Cabinet positions. Their choices for these positions affect your daily life more frequently than do either of the country's top positions.

My hope is that those all-important choices are ones who have at least entertained the idea of using Open Source and Linux in government. Lowering costs and tax burdens should be high on the list for the new regime--not business as usual.

Everyone is talking green these days but what the government needs is some accountability for the "green" it spends on technology. I think that political party, to a degree, may have something to do with these choices.

To see if I'm correct, I've setup a survey on one of my websites that attempts to measure the embrace of Linux and Open Source vs. Political Party. The survey is only 5 short multiple choice questions to gather your information as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Please submit answers one time only. They are being recorded into a database from which I'll compile the results and post on my Blog next week (September 10) -- one week from today.

Thanks for your participation and your continued readership. To view any of my blog entries, please go to: Ken Hess's Linux Blog.

Hmm. So Democrat is pre-selected, as well as Yes to the other questions. Biased survey?

No, I just didn't want to leave anything blank because all fields are required. It doesn't take much energy to use the pulldown.