Ive downloaded Mdk 10 from linuxiso and intend to install in a hw with this config.

1 x 3.0GHz Xeon/1MB Cache, 800MHz FSB
1 x 1GB DDR2 400MHz (2X512MB), Single Ranked DIMMs
2 x 36GB 15K RPM U320 SCSI (RAID 0+1)

Im a newbie. Any gotchas, or traps, tricks to look out to?


you've got plenty of resources for the job! I've got manny running on an iMac, a compaq laptop, a few dell boxes, and some home built machines. Lately I've been letting Linux Raid do the raid rather than a controller, seems fine.

Run with the defaults first, its a pain tweaking your monitor resolution and losing XWindows!

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Good advice, Barnamos!

I say, throw it in and see what happens! The worst that could happen (assuming you've backed your data up) is that you'd run into a problem, and have to ask us another question...

Only thing that's a bit wierd in your post is the reference to A:/. Are you trying to dual boot the machine? "Linux" and "A drive" aren't usually "together". Did you partition the drives?