i am trying to instll the driver for the ATI radeon 7500M in a Dell 5100. however it gives me a sor of paradox. on install an error pops up saying something about being unable to find the display driver inf file. well duh cause i havent installed one. it then says that it recomends i install a basic SVGA driver. however how do i do that?
i am useing windows2000 pro and in its display drivers there is no section, that i can find, about standard drivers.
someone help me and tell me how to install the radeon drivers on this laptop.

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Perhaps you should post it here? Google and other search engines look at these forums while looking for people searches. If they stumble upon this and have the same question as the person above you. They will not be able to get an answer.

EDIT: WOW! that post your revived was 3 years old! And you did the same reply for about 8 other threads ;).

I Smell Spam.


If it was spam... I wouldnt be checking back :)

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