When I'm installing Google Earth in linux, it sent me a message saying,

"Could not open the file /home/adude/Desktop/GoogleEarthLinux.bin using the Unicode (UTF-8) character coding."

The in smaller words,

"please check that you are not trying to open a binary file.
Select a different character coding from the menu and try again."

So, I'm really new using Linux, Ubuntu.
This message appear each time I want to install any other program.
What can I do?

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That bin file is what you want.

Open a terminal, go to your desktop and type

chmod 775 GoogleEarthLinux.bin

And you should be fine. chmod sets permissions for you to access the binary file.


Although seeing that it's on your desktop, you'll have to run this first before you run the commands 'linux' gave:

cd Desktop

Thanks for pointing that out. I'm surprised Ubuntu doesn't have Google Earth in its repos by now.


>I'm surprised Ubuntu doesn't have Google Earth in its repos by now.

Google Earth isn't Free Software, nor is it allowed to be redistributed by third parties.


>But couldn't Ubuntu get a license to redistribute the free version?

The way Google wrote the license agreement for Google Earth might just be a hint that they don't want third parties like Ubuntu redistributing their software. :icon_rolleyes:


Heh, okay. That blows for us. Oh wait. Just download it and install it that way. An extra 5 minutes out of my way. Hah.

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