Hi. I have recently switched over from Windows to Linux (redhat). Whenever I select "System Settings > Soundcard Detection" it comes up with the below dialog. My card worked in Windows 98. How do I find the driver for my card? I don't know what kind it is.

this usually happens when linux can't find any drivers for that card.
find out what the card is then google it to see if you can find any drivers.

Find out the exact model of your soundcard (it's usually a Creative). Then you have to find a driver. Linux works with modules. You load modules, and then if the module is the right one, the hardware will be detected. So, you need to find the name of module to load.

You can see if Linux will recognize it by typing "modprobe themodule.so" (replace themodule.so with the one you are testing). Once you know it works, edit the file /etc/modules.conf so that the module is in the list.