I have peer-to-peer network.
One of the computers is running WinXP, the other one Red Hat 9.
I've been trying to setup Samba to bee able to see linux from my windows machine.
I can see windows from linux machine, but not the other way around.

Any suggestions are welcome.



use this as a guide and follow it, it worked for me, the reason why u cant see ur linux machine is because u either didnt set a password for user when they try to use your linux
machine or maybe on "do this" on the network neighborhood of your windows xp right click and choose the explore option, then the address part type this <A href="file://\"and">\\"and the ipaddress of the linux machine" and that should prompt u for a user name and password given that u set them.

make sure u set them cause if u dont u wont be able to map ur linux drive so folllow the link above this message to the last point


thanks a lot for help

that worked