Hi there,
I am new user for ubuntu, which I liked and found more comfortable than windows, :)
donno whether this is the right form to post my question, please let me know if not,

I have installed ubuntu on my laptop, together with windows,
I have devided the hard drive into 3 drives , windows is on the C, ubunto on the D, and the third is for data in between them ,
each time I started the computer I had a menu to choose between windows or ubuntu,

the situation now that , I had problems with the windows which enforced me to re-install new windows, " formatted the C drive using windows CD" never touched the drive for the ubuntu,

after finishing and every thing is fine with windows , now each time I start the laptop I do not have that menu any more :( , have no option to choose windows or ubuntu, automatically go for the windows as I do not have ubuntu on one drive :S

what should I do to retrieve the menu back? so that I can enter my ubuntu!
hope that is simple to be solved because I have imoprtant data on The ubuntu,

Thanks in advance,

The problem is that Windows XP does not have a real boot-loader. It will not recognize Linux the same way linuxes boot loader will recognize windows. You need to reinstall the boot loader that comes with ubuntu (I think it's GRUB). This tutorial I found on a useful blog SHOULD work with ubuntu as well, but if it doesn't just do some google research for something along the lines of "repair grub" or "linux MBR".


thanks both OlyComputers and Slapo, for replying that helped

Hello every one,

I installed kubantu in my laptop. How can I learn the commands and use this os. Can I ask like this or any thing more. Please help me in this.