Hello everyone,

I am currently working in Ubuntu and using Matlab. My goal is for Matlab to grab images from a firewire camera. I have the code necessary to do this, however, I can only get it to work as root outside of matlab. The reason being is that my license for matlab is assigned to user and I cannot run it as root.

The problem running it as user is that I cannot run the firewire camera code properly since it cannot access the ldc1394 and lraw1394 libraries (i can only get at them as root). I changed all the permissions on the files I downloaded, however, I still cannot run ./configure make and make install to get the libraries going.

Can anyone help me with regards to setting permissions on those libraries (if thats possible) or knows how to get around this little hick-up. I do not want to give my user account root priviliges as I've read around that it creates several security problems.

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I've been doing some searching and I do not think there is any way around this problem. Could someone please tell me how to grant superuser access to my account... I've tried changing permissions on my 1394 devices but still no luck.

Thanks in advance.

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