So I am installing various OS on my new iMac with the help of Fusion VMware. i sucessfully install Ubuntu using Fusion VMware and a mounted disk image of Ubuntu.

The installation seems to have executed correctly since i can boot the virtual machine. However, since i am totally new to Ubuntu i have no idea what to enter in the username and password it prompts me for at startup. It never prompted me for these values during the installation.

Sorry for the stupid questions but cant seem to find the basic stuff anywhere.


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OK - to ask an obvious question. You already run one unconfigurable OS (OS X), but now you are trying to run an equally unconfigurable OS (the don't call Ubuntu the "poor man's OS X" for nothing) over the top.... can I ask WHY??


That is an nonconstructive answer.

There could be a host of reasons why the OP wants to run ubuntu. He might be testing software explicitly that is designed to run in ubuntu. Or just be using it as an expedient to learn another OS in a vmware protective layer... etc

If you download the vm images of the vmware website. It should tell you what the default username and password is under the tech specs.


For example, the one for the link below would be "tuxdistro."


That is an nonconstructive answer.

There could be a host of reasons why the OP wants to run ubuntu.

True, but had to ask. The concern I have with the link provided is that it is for Ubuntu 8, where Ubuntu is already moved to latest release cycle v9. Is this likely to cause any incompatibilities, if designing for Ubuntu, or Linux in general?


Thanks for the replies.

Yes, actually I am interested in learning new OS's under the protective layer of Vmware. I use the virtual machines to explore, discover, and learn.

I don't understand iamthwee...I dont have a vmware image. I have vmware install on my imac and downloaded an image of Ubuntu so that i could install it when creating a virtual machine with vmware.

Thanks again for your inputs.

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