Hi All,
i have an AD win2k network with two redhat 8 boxes to run the intranet. all the win2k boxes can access the redhat boxes through samba, the problem i have is that a new machine running xp pro cant get in to samba. when i type in the username and password it replaces the username with "domain\username" and is therefore unrecognised by the samba server.

any clever ideas? is there something in the samba config that i need to change? should this post be in the windows forum?

let me know


Are you using User or Share authentiction, and are you using the same workgroup names on all the PC's? I have a test RH9 server on my workbench and I've got SAMBA running using user authentication and I can access it with XP on my laptop. Normally when I access it I go to network connections, My Network Places/Entire Network then to the workgroup and click on the SAMBA server and get a logon box, once I enter my username and passwork I'm able to use it. I have my laptop dual booting Win98 and XP and have had no problems with 98 but sometimes if I access the SAMBA server with 98 then try XP I can't get in as it says and identical pc is on the network- I think it is just a dual booting issue with that.

i am using user authentication and all the computers and servers are within the same domain. its only the xp machine that cant login the win2k machines are fine. i dont think its the samba server but rather the xp machine. if you have any ideas give me a shout


One quick thing, XP has the builtin firewall is yours turned off, if it is on that may be the problem. Check on it by going to the control panel/network connections and right click, select properties then then go to the advanced tab.

no the firewall is off. i think i may pass this over to the windows forums, i dont think its a samba problem but maybe something more windows defualt

cheers for your help,


Check to ensure the username you use on the XP box has an account on the samba server, or else use an account that exists on the samba box to authenticate.

For example, if I have a user account on samba.mynet called "user1" and login to my XP box with the username of "user2" and don't have "user2" on the samba box, you'll experience the exact problem you're having.

I'm going to create an updated "SAMBA HOW-TO" that will cover all the problems I've seen in this forum and elsewhere, including username maps, samba as a PDC/login server, etc., and let cscgal know when it's done so she can post it.