I just got the latest Linux Kernel from a magazine CD. Its the kernel in tar format. Suppose to be the latest. How do I update or install to this latest kernel into my Ubuntu 9.04?


This is what I did. Use Archive in Windows to extraxt the kernel to home directory folder and copy into a folder I created. Than on the terminal I cd into the kernel folder and type "make config" and it start something and only stop after more than an hour.

Is that how its been compile? How do I find out the that new version has been install?

Many thanks for your help.

That's not how you compile it at all. Not even close. Did you bother to even look at the tutorials I listed above? I'd give you a whole set of instructions but there's no point re-doing work that's already been done by somebody else. Read the tutorials and then come back here if you still have questions.

Ok! I will look into it and try again.