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I have one admin server which is being used dedicately to run cron jobs on hourly basis, fetching the details from Database which is in a different server.These cronjob are run on every hourly/5 minutes basis depending as per end user requirement.
The cron jobs are basically reports which end users need for their records

OS version is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.6 where the cronjob is set

Now the tricky point:
1)Since last week, everything was getting run once, but when we query the database we are seeing duplicate entries for each cronjobs and the reports are published twice

2) Also, even when I have disabled/removed/changed the timestamp from crontab, we still see the duplicate entries on the database.

Need to find out why this is happening and its remedy,Can anyone guide please.


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Are you sure you accidentally aren't running the cronjob from multiple users on the server? Two users might have the same crontab file accidentally. Just a thought?

No Dani, its from a single user only.

I see you marked this thread as solved. Were you able to figure out the problem? What was it?

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