We are trying to create a new account on our dedicated server with whm. We fill out the information:

Domain: jdomain.co.uk
Username: jollysof
Email: me@domain.co.uk
DNS settings: Use the nameservers specified at domain's registrar(ignore locally specified nameservers)

Mail Settings: Automatically Detect Configuration.

When we attempt to create this account we receive the following error:

(prompt)Please setup a nameserver
Account Creation Status: Failed(please setup a nameserver)

We are using cPanel 11.24.5-S38506 - WHM 11.24.2 - X 3.9
CENTOS 5.4 i686 standard.

We have created account on this server before with no problem but now we are getting this error.

We have disabled any nameserver software in nameserver selection, and we choose the use nameservers at registrar option so we should be able to create this account. Any of you lovely chaps have any ideas?

The domain is not real, i.e. this is not the domain I am using in my cpanel. I cannot edit this post to change it to example etc.

When I type in the real domain and click the use nameservers at domains registrar it looks up the nameservers specified and returns them correctly. The problem is that it does not ignore the locally specified nameservers, of which there are none, even with namesever selection software disabled.