Hi, I had posted this initially in the "Getting Started Forum". I suppose this is the right place. So here goes:

Hi, I have gone through the previous threads on this topic and still have a problem, and that's why I'm posting this.

I have a dual bootup system, with windowsxp and Red Hat 9. I have tried to mount the 4 windows partitions on linux by 3 ways and am listing the problems:

1. Adding entries like "mount /dev/hda<number> /mnt/win_c" in .bash_profile of users. However, because a normal user doesn't have the permission to use mount command, they don't mount.

2. Adding entries like "/dev/hda<number> /mnt/win_c <vfat or msdos> defaults 0 2" in the /etc/fstab. My problem in this case is that at the time of bootup I get a message saying "FAT32 support is still ALPHA" and it takes around 10 seconds to mount each partition, so around 40 seconds in total. I have a P4 2.4GHz machine and this seems too long.

3. Finally I have settled on adding entries "mount /dev/hda<number> /mnt/win_c" in the /etc/rc.local, but this does not give me permission to delete files. Is it possible that this is because of my user permission?

Kindly help.