I know this isn't related to Linux in general, but I have my webpages on my Windows XP box. I want to upload the files to my linux box. I am unable to upload them using CuteFTP or some other program like that. I have port 21 forwarded in my router to the linux box. I can't use the ftp program in Windows either. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do?



tail -f /var/log/messages on your linux box and then
try to connect as you are now. watch for errors.
you may want to check out iptables to see if the
firewall is blocking traffic for ftp (default on a RHES install)
anyway the firewall will sqawk about it and usually report it in
the logs

first is it on?:
chkconfig iptables --list
service iptables status

then what ports ?:
cat /etc/sysconfig/iptables

you should use getfacl and setfacl to edit this if im not mistaken, its been
a while. but back up the file before you do. do a 'man iptables' or a 'man
getfacl' to see syntax and related commands.

if you want to see if youre having a linux firewall issue disable iptables
temporarily by the following method:
service iptables stop

then after testing is done (restart it):
service iptables start

you can disable iptables (firewall) permanantly this way:
service iptables stop
chkconfig iptables off
(it wont come up on a reboot)

you can also test (from a putty tool or a windows cmd
dos shell on your windows box or the like) "

telnet {ipaddressoflinuxbox} 21

You could always use WinSCP over a ssh tunnel..
cake to use and a quick install.
Download WinSCP here
This is quite flexible for what you are talking about.

Some other tools for windows to linux administration
putty (secure shell, telnet, etc) and psftp (a sftptool)
downloadable from (the UK): Download putty Tools
this should suit your needs nicely