I'm running Arch Linux with the LXDE DE, if it matters. I want to be able to plug in my HP Deskjet F4480 All-in-One and be able to scan. I tried following instructions on forums by googleing, but came to no sucessful conclusion. I uninstalled all software I installed and came here for some straight-forward help. Anyone?

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I am new to this site, but I want share my experience on this site. Actually, I got the problem with HP Deskjet F4480 in that The problem I am unable to print properly I asked the one technique he suggested me once re-install the driver. I did what he said. Now my printer is working very good. If you have any problem with your printer better re-install and check your printer it may work better...

HP Deskjet F4480 Printer Driver Tips On Installation

The HP Deskjet f4480 printer driver is available as a free download.
Read the manual before installing the software.
Download the file and click install once the extraction process is completed.
Follow the process of installation, which is easy and simple.
Finally, connect the USB for completing the installation process.


This is a link to a page with windows driver. It seems safer to download them from the HP web site directly. For linux drivers, I would start here at hplip web site.

This thread is 3 years old, stupendousomega probably found a driver for his printer since then ;)

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