hi there.
i have this rule on my .htacces... it works but give me errors in errors_log.

RewriteRule ^([0-9]+)-([^\/]+)/article.html$ article.php?id=$1 [nc,qsa]

so ... the url is localhost/8000-article-title/article.html
and it work. goes to the right article
but the error_log show me

[Tue Jul 12 14:18:14 2011] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.x] File does not exist: /home/localhost/public_html/8000-article-title, referer: http://localhos/8000-article-title/article.html

so how to fix that? i have no ideea about mod_rewritte.
now i can't change the url structure because are already indexed

.htaccess files are read on every request, therefore changes made in these files take immediate effect as opposed to the main configuration file which requires the server to be restarted for the new settings to take effect.
For servers with multiple users, as is common in shared web hosting plans, it is often desirable to allow individual users the ability to alter their site configuration. In general, .htaccess files should be used by users who do not have access to the main server configuration files.