I have only used linux for about 8 months so I am a newby I guess. I have Kubuntu and KDE 3.5. I am building another web site for a political campaign. I want to use some templates that my domain hosting offers. Problem is the program only works in Internet Explorer. (which I wiped from my machine in glee last summer) I downloaded wine and winetools and installed them. I downloaded ie60.exe full but when I try to open with wine it cannot find the executible. If I could find some other good web templates (I have built 3 sites from scratch) I would not even need this.

I'm actually very confused what you mean by web templates that only work in Internet Explorer. All decent web designs / websites should be accessible in all of the major web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

Do you use FireFox?

What i was referring to is the templates that the hosting server supplies will not open for editing in any browser but Internet Explorer. After uploading they will work in anything but will not download so I can edit them in Quanta or any other html editor. I got rid of windows and do not want to go back to it. The free templates for building good looking sites are .zip files. I need to get this political campaign site up and running and do not want to design banners and headers. An help is greatly appreciated. I am too slow to do this from scratch. Thank you.

Why not just find some different templates to use? I'm sure a good CSS tutorial will provide a really spiffy looking page. And, you can do that type of stuff in a simple text editor.