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Im a complete noob at this. my first installation.
what am i doing wrong or what am i not doing?
can someone please help :cry:

I'm new at Linux myself, but have much experience with PC's. Have you tried changing/adjusting the "boot order" or "startup sequence" in the system (computer / motherboard) BIOS? Please accept my apologies if I'm covering ground you already have been over...

1. For PC - During the startup or POST sequence, look for a message (usually, but not always) at the bottom of your display saying something like"Press F1 to enter Setup" (key stroke or keystroke combination will vary). Once in the BIOS setup routine, look for an entry somewhere called "Boot" or "Startup" or "Device Priority" and set it to 1. DC/DVD-ROM, 2. Floppy and 3. Hard Drive (being sure to account for a SCSI boot drive if you have one - if you don't know what SCSI is, you probably don't need to worry about it).

2. For Macintosh (Is SuSE available for the Mac????)- press and hold down the "C" key until the system boots.

Let us know if this helps...


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