Just got ubuntu server up and running and now I'M trying to get samba installed on it. When I type samba at the prompt it says "samba not sintallled type sudo apt-get install samba4" to install samba. When I do I get the following.

Reading package list...done
Building dependancy tree
Reading state information...done
Unable to locate samba4

Any ideas.

One other thing, when I try and remote into that linux box through ssh using username@ipaddress I get "connection refused" any ideas there? Thanks to any and all replies.

For the samba problem, just run a search like this:

$ aptitude search samba

and it will print the list of packages with the name "samba" in it. You can just install all the packages that are relevant from that list. If a package appears in the list, then you should be able to install it. If no useful packages appear in the listing, then your problem must be with the repositories that are not setup correctly.

As for the ssh problem, in order to be able to connect to a server via ssh, the server must be listening for ssh connections. Normally, if you have installed ssh (either ssh or openssh-client openssh-server), then the ssh server should be running upon startup of the computer, and it will be able to accept incoming connections.