Whose Operating system is best Linux OR Windows????

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Best at what? Which versions of the OSes? What are you trying to do? What about OSX, Solaris or something new like http://www.haiku-os.org/

Can you try to be a little more specific about what you mean by best?

Without a specific metric to measure, there is no way to answer this. Is there a purpose os the computer for building applications, running a web server, database, just browsing the internet, etc?

ai mean to say at architecture point of view

Any body can give me answer plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Linux is best . Because it is free anti virus , This OS is Open source, download free software anyware and and it is user frendly.Linux OS supports .rpm and .bin extension packages to installation.In Linux we have so many flavoures (RedHat,fedora,Ubuntu,Suse,cent-OS etc.,) all are servers and Desktop support. Fedora and Cent-OS is user friendly. and also its architecture is also good.

All the best all
..... KRISH.....

thnx Krish

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So linux is best for programming C#? What about running IIS? What about running MS Office? Does it support Photoshop? 3DS Max? You can say you can use Mono (doesn't support the latest version of C#), Apache (doesn't do asp.net, unless you have mono, but look at last comment), Open Office or Gimp, but they aren't what is best or what people are used to using.

I like Linux, but to say it is the best you have to say at what. Is it the best for tablets? Phone? Netbooks? Desktops? Servers?

So as it's been stated from the beginning, you need to be specific.

For instance:

"I want to do movie editing, what would be the best OS for this?" - probably Mac since it seems to have the best tools for it.

"I want to create business software, what would be the best OS for this?" - probably Windows, since it has the greatest market share and you can easily test yuor program on it.

"I'm a cheap SOB that wants to pretend to be an elitist, what would be the best OS for this?" - Pick any Linux distro and you're in. The more obscure the distro the better.

ok, that last one is a bit of a jab, Linux really is great, but each have their strengths and weaknesses. If one was the best at everything, you'd be able to have a clear winner. However, since none are the best at everything, you have to give it context (as in at what?).

As others have said, it depends upon your application.

For most standard software applications, Windows offers the most options, although you could probably find comparable applications for Linux. It would be a little harder though. The difference would be the price: most software packages for Windows are commercial for-sale products, whereas most Linux products are free.

The one factor for which Linux beats Windows is the real-time capability.
Windows--I think--by definition prevents users from directly accessing the operating system. The delay introduced by this interface means it is not useful for any application requiring real-time interaction. So, if your application involves programming for robotics, telephony, communication, etc. --anything for which you want interaction to be as close to real-time as possible, you really have no choice but to use Linux (or Unix).

If you want to use the computer for your day to day stuff go for windows.
Use linux if you want to learn computing.

I can't agree with capton. Linux is freedom, there are linux distros for everything. Ubuntu is better than windows for day to day use.It is more secure, it is faster, it is EASIER TO USE (dont be surprised, ubuntu IS easier than windows, only some advanced things are harder on linux) and it is free, you can freely use your computer without spending any money on some software. Windows is better only for gaming and for some professional programs that are only on windows...

I like linux a little more then Windows, you dont have to have anti virus software.

It depends, claiming that Linux is free of viruses is naivety, it does have viruses alebit very few but growing(Use wikipedia if you don't trust my words), and for others it is free beer, that is how I started but now, for me it is the Freedom I get when I use linux/BSD. Read MS-EULA and understand it, you are paying money to give up your freedom. That is the reason I left windows after using it for 8 years and hating Linux all along.

Linux is spoiling me! ;P

I prefer Linux. For me it's really all about the freedom that comes with using free (libre) software; though free (gratis) is a huge plus. I like having unfettered access to tinker with, and sometimes break, the software I'm using.

they all have got their pros and cons and also it is a matter of ypur choice as to what you want to do and also which platform i.e linux or windows you have greatly been exposed to it will also make it alot easier for you to use!!!!!

I'M not a big game player but there are a few select games I have to keep Window$ around for (Half-Life original). I've also had bad luck replacing iTunes and running my iPod with Linux software.

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