I just go a new solid state 240 gig hd. There is currently a 500 gig dual boot W7/mintLinux HD in the computer now. I want to re-install W7 & ML on my new SSHD but leave the other for storage, it already has a lot of files on it id like to keep. When I put the new SSHD in, how to I get the computer to boot up in this new drive while just leaving the other as an extra? There arent currently enough wire to plug both up I'll have to buy some in the next day or so, so I just unplugged the old HD and plugged in the new SS and installed Mint. That's where I'M at right now.

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You can restart your pc and select from the boot menu to boot up your new SSHD. After that go into linux mint that you say you have installed and check your other HDD and using a program like GParted for example delete the partition with GRUB from it and also any bits and pieces from you last instalation of windows and linux from it.


If you leave the SSHD plugged into the same slot as your original HDD was plugged into, then you probably won't have to change anything. When you get the other SATA wire, you just plug your HDD into the second slot. If there is any trouble, just go into the BIOS menu and edit the boot order to make the SSHD have priority over the HDD. As far as I know, there shouldn't be any problems.

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