how can I install the mysql server into CentOS 6.can someone give me the step please :(

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the mysql server into CentOS 6.can someone give me the step

from the console type

# sudo yum update
# sudo yum install mysql
# sudo mysql_secure_installation

That's assuming you're not on with root. If you're on with root, drop the sudo.
The first part updates yum, second part installs it, third part will set it up for you.

what about if without connection? I mean manual installation

You will still need to obtain the RPM file for it, then you can use yum to install it (yum install filename.rpm) and then follow the rest of the instructions that turncoatlol mentioned. Here is a link to directories that contain the rpms (do you want 64bit or 32bit?):

  1. 32bit:
  2. 64bit:

Look for mysql. There are the basic files, libraries, support stuff, etc. These are the binaries. On the same site you can find the source RPMS as well.

For whatever it's worth (FWIW), Scientific Linux is a clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, just like (and compatible with) CentOS. You can find these on the CentOS mirror sites as well, but personally I use Scientific Linux since my wife works with the maintainers of that distribution at Fermi National Lab.

how to install mysql in ubuntu.what is the rpm mentioned with the s/w package?

Ubuntu does not use RPM packages...It uses DEB packages and you can install with:
sudo apt-get install mysql-server

MySql is part of the standard CentOS installation, assuming you installed from either the Live DVD, or the full DVD set. In that case, the RPM files should be there for you.

I am new to linux.And I dont have clear knowledge about rpm and what version of s/w packages is to use.I am trying to know what it is and trying to learn everythings.

I am using ubuntu.And I am in need to install chukwa in ubuntu.For which the required softwares are JAVA 1.6.10 , MySQL 5.1.30 , Hadoop cluster and ssh and sshd.

So i need to know what kind of package will suite for the above installation.

Mount your DVD in your os
mount /dev/cdrom /mountpoint

After doing that search for the rpm package

ll | grep -i mysql*

then install the package available in cdrom as rpm -ivh package.rpm

U mean that after downloading the right package.I have to use the code "ll | grep -i mysql*" ah? I dont get what to do with DVD.

Thank you.

For this you have to write a particular code for installing with my sql domain on your workstation.

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