I'M having a bit of a problem with audio books on Linux. I buy my books from audible.com but since they don't support Linux it's just one more thing keeping me from fully leaving Windows. There audio formats are in .aax. Their books play fine in iTunes and on my iPod. Each book as multiple tracks with it's self as opposed to an audio CD where each file is a track. And it has a neat resume feature as well. It works so well infact that I'M guessing that apple build .aax support into iTunes for audible.com. I'M looking for a good auio book seller with a good audio book format that has some sort of stop/start ability to it like audible's .aax. Or if anyone has any idea on how I might convert or crack the protection on these .aax files that would be welcomed as well. I tried to import the files into audacity and also tried to convert them wiht VLC, both attempts have failed. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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These files are probably DRM "protected" - most of us say that they are DRM-encumbered! IE, you don't own these books - you are only "leasing" them to run on "approved" hardware/software. There may be software that would enable you capture the audio on Windows and save it to another file in some more-or-less neutral format such as mp3, ogg, flac, etc. Unfortunately, I don't know what that would be. There are tools on Linux to remove DRM from DVD's and BluRay discs, so there may be tools for these files from audible.com.

Ok. I did a quick Google search, and this is what I came up with: http://www.kegel.com/linux/play-audiobook-on-car-stereo.html

It goes into some detail on how to capture .aax audio on a Linux system to mp3 files. The same techniques should work for ogg and flac (with minor adjustments).

Disclaimer: Breaking DRM or closed/copyright protected media (as is the .aax format) is against the law according to the DMCA (Digitial Millenium Copyright Act). You do so at your own risk! Ok, did my due-dilligence here. I, of course, have never done anything to violate the DMCA...

I'M sure you haven't. Thanks, I think this is going to be really helpfull. When you say it's against the law I find that very confusing since there are plenty of comercial products out there desigend for that purpos, the company pavtube offeres such products.

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