not sure where to post this but the problem is that i cant seem to compiler a program in unix.

i am using unix:
SunOS 5-10 Generic_142900-06 sun4u sparc SUNW, sun-Fire-V440

1-create file

emacs = lower case L)

2.write program in "COOL"

    class Main
        i : IO <- new IO;
            i.out_string("Helloe world\n");

3-complier program

coolc                 (dont work)

4-run program

spim hello.s

You don't provide any error messages, diagnostics, etc. Just "don't work", which does not work for me! Want help, then provide as much useful information as you can. Emacs has a built-in compiler. If you are building this to run in emacs, then use that. The command is byte-compile-file filename

when i enter coolc
it say command not found

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