Looking for a good resource to answer a few questions. If someone could point me in the right direction or if you want to give me an idea yourself I appreciate it. Mainly looking for a good free source of info though.

Here are the questions I want to answer:

How is the user profile implemented for Linux?

A description of the functionality of each file used to support the profile.
A summary of the process for building and/or modifying the profile.
An overview of characteristics associated with a User Profile.

Don't want anyone to earn my degree for me, but I am stuck and cant find a good source for this. Worded many different ways in searches with no real success. My inexperience with Linux is hurting me here.

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No set way, settings etc... stored in hidden folders (beginning with .*)

Thanks for the quick reply. Any thoughts on some additional resources for this topic? I have to write a couple of paragraphs on this and the Windows (Thanks for that too!) profiles as well. Just need to get some details to do so.


No set way, settings etc... stored in hidden folders (beginning with .*)

Well, the ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc file run login scripts, set environment variables such as the PATH, and the shell you want to use. ~/.bash_logout is the logout script.

/etc/profile is the default one.
/etc/skel by the way, is the default /home/[username] template for new users

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